New York City Craft

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Visit Liberty statue, Empire State Building or Woolworth Building. Travel between locale by new york tram (new york metro), new york transport or pick a well known yellow taxi. Investigate the city and see Brooklyn school, Bronx zoo, Queensbridge grade school, Central Park and… Trump Tower, worked by the present leader of USA! Carry on well or you'll wind up in NYPD squad car!

Play fun minigames

In the event that investigation sounds exhausting, treat yourself with one of our fun minigames! Visit an entertainment mecca at Coney Island and attempt your fortunes in various rivalries! Sing like a rockstar or move like a genuine moving ruler! Not to let you know should attempt to shoot off a few ducks or clench hand battle with the best NYC wrestlers! Gather rewards, gain accomplishments and turn into the lord of NYC building amusements 3D

Begin to look all starry eyed at in the Big Apple

New York is an awesome, swarmed city. Investigation is a key piece of New York City Craft, so go out and meet different young men and young ladies! Art your experience by visiting and dating! Recreations like this will likewise give you a chance to purchase new garments and spruce up anyway you need! Plan for the best party in the city that never dozes and gathering alongside your sweetheart, beau or love of your life! It resembles a second life test system set in the blocky NYC!

Traveler and manufacturer!

New York City Craft is outstanding amongst other mix of investigation amusements, dating recreations and… NY City building diversions! It's hard to believe, but it's true: in New York City Craft you're a sole pilgrim, as well as a genuine city manufacturer! Because of cutting edge Crafting and Building mode you can remake with obstructs whatever you need or even demolish everything and mess around with NY building! Recreations like this will dependably push your creative ability further. Try not to make due with less and manufacture your own particular NYC in outstanding amongst other creating recreations of 2018!


  • Crafting and Building mode. A propelled instrument for each fanatic of making and building things. No requirement for outsider building or plan application!
  • Famous structures and places. Visit Times Square, Trump Tower, Empire State Building, Liberty Statue and some more!
  • Fun minigames. Attempt your fortunes in various challenges in the NYC Theme Park, however just there!
  • Meet other New Yorkers. Visit and date with young men and young ladies. Discover a sweetheart or sweetheart or… love of your life!
  • Blocky illustrations. Wonderfully hand-made, blocky NYC is standing by!
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